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20 icons with Eowyn for lotr20in20

Please, credit if use! :)

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Gwen Cooper Icons

20 icons with Gwen Cooper for character20n20

Please, credit if use! :)

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20 Rose Tyler Icons

20 icons with Rose Tyler for character20n20

Please, credit if use! And remember: Hotlink and I'll hunt you down and bite your head off !!! xD

Icons with Ten are dedicated to my dear friend cotharay :*

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I need a... blanket!

I need a... warm blanket! Not one! If you have some please, give me some! xD

It's not a joke! It's -19 C now! (7.47pm here) In Poland it's hard Winter. I live in a village so... yeah, I have big problems! Today I'm gonna sleep in two pairs of long socks! And in t-shirt, and two sweaters? Yeah! Great idea! :D

And... some people in my country are not afraid Winter! Look! lol xD

20 icons with Lady Arwen for lotr20in20

I had problems with table, so I used another one!

Please, credit if use!

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Guinevere Icons for character20n20

20 icons with Guinevere of "King Arthur" for @ character20n20


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What can I do, to kill the pain?

I tried to write something wise but... I can't.
I'm so empty inside. I just can feel the pain in my heart and soul. It's like a part of me died with Ten... If you understand what I mean. I think that this series will never be the same. It's great but.... it will never make me happy like episodes with David.

I'm still thinking about some scenes od Doctor Who. I haven't seen the whole episode yet, I have problems with my Internet but...

I'm so sad. Very sad! Matt can be good as The Doctor, but he's not David Tennant... and he'll never be!


Yay my Aro Community (click on the gif below) has got some new members!
Yes, Yes, Yes!!! - Aro approves, trust me :P

Hi again!

It will be very boring post so...

First of all I am very proud of myself! I watched New Moon Premiere online. What is it very important - it was at night! I went to sleep at 5.00 a.m!
Why I watched it? For Michael Sheen! Really! I just wanted to see him live. And I did it! \m/

Second... - I made one wallpaper. It is a mirackle ! I have no ideas for wallpapers... But maybe I will make something with Michael Sheen? Yeah, this is very good idea!

Third - I still have problems with my stomach :( I hate medicines, everything happened because of them... :(

And finally - I have my New Moon - The Complete Ilustrated Movie Companion in polish! I read it of course already xD It's better than the first book. Maybe, because movie was better. And director is amazing man, who know what he want! Everything in the movie has an explanation.
And... Mark Cotta Vaz wrote about Michael Shee! What else? We can see two or three Michael's quotes. And I like photos of Aro ^^

Yeah, I know. Michael is always in my mind! :D